Thursday, September 29, 2011

29th September 2011

Hello mums and dads,
This has been a very busy week in K1, all the children have settled in and are now enjoying their time at school. This week we will be introducing a new colour, red. And we will be doing lots of different activities such as collage and painting. But don´t forget to go over yellow too!
We have also started practising basic English vocabulary to ask for water and to go to the toilet.We are also talking about parts of the face and little by little adding parts of the body. We are singing lots of songs and drawing faces with eyes, nose and mouth. They are coming out really well. Well done boys and girls!
Don´t forget to send an old scarf for the dance activities. Preferbly long and thin.
Just to remind you that school starts at 8:30 and it would be very helpful  if your child could be here in time to  make the line and sing the morning songs so as they get into this routine. Thank you.
These are some of the songs that we will be singing this term, if you want to sing with your child. Have fun!
"Wind the bobbin up""Humpty Dumpty""Twinkle twinkle""Incy Wincy spider""Open them, shut them"
"The wheels on the bus" "5 little ducks""Red and yellow""I like yellow""Baa baa black sheep"
"1,2,3,4,5 once a caught a fish alive" "Head shoulders knees and toes"
Have a lovely week!!!
Happy Birthday to Alvaro (K1A) and Orlando (K1E)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Everybody!
We have had a fun week in K1, all the children are getting better at making a line, tidying up and learning the routine of the day.
The children have been doing lots of work on the colour yellow, they have made a big yellow sun which is on the walls of our classrooms. They have painted  using sponges, fingers or paint brushes! There are some wonderful collages all with different yellow materials. It has been interesting finding yellow objects around the classroom. We have also been practising  all the other colours and getting very good at recognising and naming them in English.
We have been counting  from 1-5 and singing all the number songs like 1 little finger,5 little ducks etc.  We know lots  of songs now and all enjoy singing and acting along in circle time.  We are sure you enjoy hearing the children sing  in the morning at the start of the day.
Next week we are going to continue learning the colours especially yellow, counting and getting to know  the parts of the body.  We will  also be looking and drawing our faces! And making squiggles in sand!
Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the photos! See you on Monday.




K1 D


Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to K1!

Dear parents and children

All the K1 teachers would like to welcome  all parents and children to K1. We hope that you will enjoy the school year and we look forward to all the exciting activities we will be doing together throughout the year. A warm welcome to Miss Mary and Miss Caroline who have joined the K1 team !

Throughout this week we have begun to learn the name of some colours and songs and the children are  settling in nicely and getting used to their new routines.

Thank you for your cooperation from day one and through this blog we hope that you will feel closer to your child´s class and  teacher. Also you will be able to keep updated on things we do during the week and see by photos, examples of what the children do during their day at school.

Next week we will be painting with yellow paint, making collages, taking part in oral activities, singing songs, listening to stories and dancing to action songs and games.

Happy Birthday to Daniel in K1D and Daniela in K1E!

We hope you enjoy this page.

Thank you again for your cooperation.