Friday, October 28, 2011


This week all the K1’s have been doing lots of work on Halloween! We made crowns ready for the party on Friday and painted big orange pumpkins to put on them. We have also been doing lots more work on orange such as finger painting and sticking and mixing red and yellow to make orange , which the children loved.
All the children loved the spiders they made. It was quite a challenge as they had to use scissors and cut the legs and body and glue it together all by themselves! We will be doing lots of cutting in class over the next few weeks, as they need the practice! They were all very proud of their spiders.
We have learned some Halloween songs which we sung at our party. A great time was had by all lots of dancing, music, sweets and crisps! Thank you all for being so generous and sending the children with lots of goodies.
Next week we will be doing more work on the colour orange ,  shapes, body and numbers. On Friday we are going to the park in Jinamar so don’t forget to send your child with the correct colour T shirt.
 No school now until Wednesday! Enjoy your long weekend.
Happy Halloween!
Happy Birthday this week to -
Paola in K1 E


K1 B


K1 D


Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Parents

Hello again! On Friday we had our photographs taken and no doubt all the children will look lovely! This week we will be introducing a new colour (orange) and recapping  the other colours too. We will also continue singing songs and learning new vocabulary.  We have begun to say short sentences in English such as "Toilet please", "Into line", "Tidy up time" and we know lots of songs and rhymes.

During this week some classes have been doing some cooking and made "yellow" jelly and have spread some "red" jam on biscuits. We had lots of fun and the children were surprised when the jelly turned solid!

Next Friday we will be celebrating a small party for Halloween. During the week we will be making a crown to wear. Feel free to send any "goodies" (crisps, sweets, biscuits, drinks, etc). Thank you!

 A very Happy Birthday to Joaquín in K1E, Iván in K1A ,Alejandro in K1D and Alejandro and martina in K1B!!