Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Parents,

The children continue working hard learning all about different ways of transport and talking about how they come to school and their favourite way of transport. They are also learning new songs and rhymes such as "The Big Ship sailed" "Row Row your boat" "A sailor went to sea" "The Wheel on the bus" and lots more.

Today the teachers will be sending a news letter home informing you of the dates of our next trip and some information about Canary Day. If any Mum or Dad would like to join in on this special day (dancing, singing, playing an instrument, etc) please contact the teacher. We will be more than happy if you could join us for this special event.

Could you check with the teacher that all the children have a cap as it´s very hot and they need protection when they go to play on the playground. Thank you.

A big "Happy Birthday" to Severino in K1C and Valentina in K1A.

Happy Birthday to you!

Friday, April 19, 2013

18th April 2013

Hello mums and dads.
The children have been working very hard this week with lots of creative work for the class displays. We have been making cars, boats, aeroplanes and trains, painting with black and white and learning all about the rectangle shape and the number 5.
If any of the children would like to bring in empty paper towel rolls or clean empty toilet rolls, then we can use these too in our creative activities.  The children can also bring in clean empty boxes, cartons, plastic bottles or containers to play with in the supermarket.
Please come back next week for information about our upcoming trip and Canary Day.
Hope you enjoy the photos.

K1C Playing different instruments!

K1D playing with the toys!

K1 B Making Aeroplanes!