Friday, February 23, 2018

K1C At the Elder Museum!!!








K1A enjoyed their time at the science museum!

23rd February 2018

Hello everybody.
   This week all the K1 children went to "Elder The Science Museum". We had a fantastic time!!!
  We went on a big bus, which all the children loved. We learnt all about bones. We saw very big ones, some children thought they were dinosaurs, and we also saw the bones of a dolphin. We learnt that there are different dolphins. some are very big, some are very small and some have dots or stripes.
  We also saw a very big aeroplane. We went into a special room just for children, the Sensory Room. In it we played fishing, we smelt through very long tubes, we listened through very long tubes too and we saw some lights. They had lots of games to play and a very big house.
  Then we went to a special place where we saw ourselves on a screen. It was like magic because when we cover our bodies with a green sheet we disappeared!!!!
   We also spoke with a robot, her name was Ada, but she only spoke Spanish, she can´t speak English yet.
   We had a wonderful time. Thank you very much to all the helpers that come with us.
  Bye bye, have a nice week!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

K1D at the Science Museum :)

Nearly time to go in!
We're on the TV!

She's invisible!
Where's she gone?

Hello Ada!
Pleased to meet you!

Learning about gravity in the space ship.
This is how a car looks inside!

Way up high with the jet plane!
Listening to the dolphins.

K1B and K1E had a great time at the science museum!